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Creative Education in Foundry, the Foundation of Creativity Culture

Creative Education in Foundry, the Foundation of Creativity Culture

Creativity is important in the education.  The future of Tasmania and Australia at large lies in the teaching of creativity. Employment and theoretical knowledge should not be the only focus of education. We need to appreciate the role of creativity as the path to career success.

At Foundry, we believe that creativity is not a personality trait or something a child is born with. It is a learned skill that can be imparted to people for a better future.  For this reason, we focus on, creative thinking, innovation, and activities that prepare students, local creatives, entrepreneurs, designers and teachers for the future.  Many schools are turning away from the intellectual culture and conforming to creative education.

What is creativity in education?

People have different opinions on what creative learning is. In simple words, creativity in education means a type of learning based on the individual abilities and needs or learners.  It is a shift from the old method of learning to another method that influences innovation and personality development.

The current education model focuses on grades, test scores, and getting skills for the employment sector. Creativity works to nurture skills through experimentation, innovation, and other activities. It also involves helping individuals achieve their full potential.

Creative education

At Foundry, we focus on creativity that will determine the future of Tasmania. We use various techniques and approaches that encourage universal thinking and nurture specialized skills.  If we care about Australia’s future economy, then it is time to focus on producing industry’s prepared creatives, not intellectuals alone.

When you join us at Foundry, you are exposed to unique pathways that help you explore and nurture your passion. Some of the creativity pathways that we use include Digital Media, Film and photography, and graphic design among others.

Why does creativity matter?

There are two main things that creativity does. First, it instills and promotes specialized skills. Second, it encourages universal thinking. Our creativity approaches and techniques help you discover yourself. We also expose you to the industry. Often, we invite industry guests who speak more about the creative industry.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, a student, a local creative, teacher or critical thinker, Foundry will help you become an innovator and impact greatly on the creative industry.

Creativity is the future of Australia. There is a need to have people who are problem solvers.  The economy needs creative thinkers who can approach a challenge in an innovative and imaginative way. We need to have an approach that helps people to redefine their opportunities and problems. This can only be achieved if we teach innovation and creative thinking. At Foundry, we encourage brainstorming, using imagination and encourage people to be original and pursue their purposes.

Creative Learning at Foundry

Foundry promotes creative education. It gives an opportunity to all people to become innovative and impact the job industry. We strive to ensure that creatives are part and parcel of the future of Australia. Our main goal is to help individuals achieve their potential through discovering and promoting their passions.  Become one of us and let us promote a creative culture in Tasmania and Australia at large.