4 Major Advantages of Studying Media and Communication at JSJC

The print and the electronic media require talented candidates for various jobs. You have two choices, either you need to study the various media and communication courses in India or you can study the B.A. (Hons.) Media and Communication course at the Jindal School of Journalism & Communication to make a career in the above-mentioned sectors. I have chosen the latter and currently, I am happily placed in a big media powerhouse with a handsome salary and other benefits.

The institute has given me something that I don’t think any other institute would be able to give. It gave me wings to fly and learn things in my way. Most of the popular colleges and universities rely on a pre-defined syllabus and structure to teach their students. It is simply not the case with my institute. I will clearly list out the major advantages of studying in this institute in the below paragraphs.

The Caring and Experienced Professors

The first thing a student needs from a college or university is caring and experienced professors. It’s a reality in this institute. The professors were always helpful towards us during the time of any type of confusion. Throughout the duration of my B.A. Hons course, I never faced any problem due to the helping hands of the professors of the institutes.

The Unique Pedagogy 

It’s the major difference that sets it apart from other institutes. The entire syllabus and the methods of teaching differ from other popular institutes. The focus is on expanding the thinking ability of the students. The unique teaching methodologies adopted here have completely enhanced my knowledge and I was able to look things from different perspectives.

Multiple Collaborations 

Since my institutes had collaborations with multiple premier institutes around the world, I didn’t face any difficulty in getting internships and high quality industry-oriented training. It was a wonderful experience of getting trained under the guidance of experienced personnel before even graduating. I think it’s a must for every media student to learn the various aspects of his or her subject by taking part in such types of internships and training programs. Luckily for me, I have studied at a great institute where these types of facilities existed.

Take Admission with Confidence 

You can definitely take admission without any doubt. It’s the best college for mass communication in India due to the above-mentioned factors. The course is created with lots of observations. The students are advised to visit the website and apply from there. They will get the right information about the eligibility criteria with other important details from the website. The meritorious students can also apply for any of the available scholarships. The admission is solely based on JSAT- Jindal Scholastic Aptitude Test.