An Overview On chatsworth international school singapore

An Overview On chatsworth international school singapore

Established in 1995, Chatsworth is a K-12 chatsworth international school singapore. It is the result of a British chief and instructors who established the school in Upper Serangoon. In recent years Chatsworth has been present in different parts of Singapore, giving international K-12 training as well as a nearby kindergarten educational plan through Chatsworth Preschool (recently known as Chatsworth Kindergarten). In August 2018, Chatsworth International School moved into a super durable home in Bukit Timah, surrounded by Singapore’s rainforest.

At Chatsworth

At Chatsworth, the school assesses the ability of every student who walks through the doors. The school considers it the motivation to mix and stir individual aspirations, and the school strives to empower our students, providing the establishment in which they can fabricate a future filled with expectations and become the individuals they envision themselves to be.

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The school accepts that training does not just take place in classrooms but within the overarching vision of the school and our communications as a united local area. The school is committed to tying our substitutes in a warm, well-disposed, strong climate, where they feel impelled and stimulated to learn. The school empowers students to find and pursue their advantages. The school teaches genuineness, awareness, and empathy locally, where everyone is privileged to be heard and appreciated. Most importantly, the school recognizes our core purpose of motivating, instructing, and enlightening as we cooperate as a comprehensive, varied, and internationally disapproved local area to create the best opportunity for growth for the students.

Our vision

The school has a local team that fails internationally to provide a comprehensive growth opportunity. The school cherishes each person and engages them to track their motivation in the wider world.

Chatsworth International School is nestled amidst rich vegetation, close to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore’s rainforest. The school opened entrances to this land in August 2018 and joined our essential orchard land on this beautiful hillside in August 2020. Looking after students from Kindergarten to Year 13, the school is equipped with offices that address our program issues. and support a variety of growth opportunities and interests. The property is just a 10-minute drive from the city center and a short ride on our van transport from the nearby Sixth Avenue MRT station (Downtown Line DT7). Van transportation administration is reserved to follow school schedule and prior and accessible from Monday to Friday on school days.