Cyber Security Awareness training: An insight into the Training

Cyber Security Awareness training: An insight into the Training

With the coming of digitalization, there has been an increase in the rate of cyber threats in the currentscenario. People must take up cyber security awareness training educates employees about the wide variety of threats they might encounter, or actions they might take that could jeopardize their organization’s security. Like other countries, Singapore has developed many threats in the past decade.

How can one find the best Cyber Training center in Singapore?

Real centernetwork (RCN)isone of the best cyber awareness training centers established in Singapore. It has the vision of providing continuous professional development opportunities for real estate agents to regulate and license them.With their continuous development efforts, RCN graduates have proved to be knowledgeable in the industry of the real estate climate in Singapore. The graduates are committed to workingefficiently and professionally, staying relevant to consumer needs and market conditions.

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What services does RCN provide?

Real estate salespersons should know how to protect their data before they can effectively protect that of clients. However, it is an obligation under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), where individuals have the right to their data. This world is in a highly connected and digital age.So, it is essential to maintain vigilance while usinga device and enjoy the convenience of social media. One wrong action may lead toundesirable and costly consequences. This is the point where cyber security training should step in.

RCN cyber security course introduces the fundamentals of cyber security to aspiring real estate professionals. The cyber security training program would help participants gain an awareness and understanding of cyber attacks and the potential damage they could cause. It is designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge to be able to identify breaches in security as well as to guard against them.

RCN provide their trainees with a few Learning Objective as understanding the rights of an individual givenPDPA-

  • Manage privacy and security of devices
  • Recognizing social engineers at work
  • Identifying phishing and malicious emails
  • Developing good cyber hygiene

The duration of the training last 3 hours,includinga fee structure of $60.00(excluding GST). Besides cyber security training courses, RCN also offers courses that provide real estate agents with a strong foundation in industry concepts and agency practice standards. TheseincludeRES, REA, and CPD. These courses are conducted by Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) instructors, professionals with years of experience.