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There are certain research findings that state the best education system around the world. Finland, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore are some of the high rated countries in offering world class education.

  • South Korea take the initial step of providing best knowledge at the tender age itself that takes forward their skills through their life. Here students spend seven days at school that shows their interest level. Korea spends about 8 percentage of its total GDP.
  • Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong have a technological based learning. They involve in more conceptual learning, problem based learning. The policy of Singapore is that ‘Teach less learns more’.
  • Finland was the top country in the best educational structure is slightly in slow pace now but still figures out in the top ten countries. Schooling starts only after 7 years and there is no homework or any normalized testing procedures conducted. They spend very less time at school but learn more with full use of the time given.
  • Canada is another place that had a sudden entry in the top countries which has a simple procedure for learning with literacy, math and high school graduation.

In other countries like UK, it is compulsory that one has to attend school from 5 years in primary or so called elementary school for five or six years after which the students are promoted to the secondary schooleducation with a total 12 years. Secondary has two section, middle school and high school. A diploma is awarded to the one who completes his/her high school after which one has to undergo course in college or university. This makes all their citizens to get a minimum knowledge, skill and awareness.Here the grading system is followed- GPA (grade point average) which measures the academic performance of a student. United Sates of America is one of the dream destinations for any citizen around the world. It provides world class education with scholarships, fee waiver offered by many USA institutions. Presently it is the hub for all technological developments and advancements. There is an array of choices to the students from other countries as well as to their citizens.