Get Top Physics Tutor At Physics Academy

Get Top Physics Tutor At Physics Academy

Most of the students learn Physics by trying to cram up the textbook. This method is no longer effective because the education curriculum of Singapore has changed. The questions asked in the A/O level examinations need critical thinking skills, and simply memorizing is not enough. In this blog, you will learn how you can get the best grades with help of a Physics tutor.

How does the Physics academy help the students?

Students need to understand the concept beyond what they learn in the syllabus to ace their exams. It becomes a difficult feat to achieve as students don’t get much time for self-studying due to assignments, tests, and other events at school.

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This is why Physics academy has come up with a learning system known as PhysicsProf Learning System that uses a step-by-step guide to help a student learn, practice, and revise their lessons properly. By following this system, many students have improved their grades from borderline fail to B or C in three months.

The physics tutor at the Physics Academy has helped many students get distinction in their national examinations. They are dedicated to helping out the students in every step and helping them overcome their weaknesses. These tutors are selected after careful vetting, and they are fully qualified and experienced to provide the best results.

Benefits of learning at Physics Academy

  • Physics academy conducts live classes for Physics, Science, Math, and English for students of IP, secondary, and JC. The students can select the time slot for their classes according to their convenience.
  • You get trial lessons for O-level, A-level, and IP level exams that are conducted by the founder of the academy himself. Mr. Bryan Lai has won awards for his physics teaching, and he will help you out to get the best scores too.
  • The tutors use a 70 concept list for O-level, A-level, and IP level physics and a 93 concept list for JC physics as a roadmap to boost the grades of the students.
  • You get the experience of live physics lessons and the digital class to help increase your grades and master the physics subject.
  • The academy conducts a Physics compendium in which you learn the formula for scoring the top grades in O-level, IP, and A-level examinations. In this, the tutors use Cambridge keywords in papers 2 and 3 to help out the students.

Contact Physics academy today to make learning easier and fun for your children.