How Advance Presentation Can Help You Become An Effective Teacher During Lectures

Being an instructor in today’s age is tough, not only that you get to deal with the limitations of your classroom and blackboard, not to mention dealing with technologically inclined kids that think a physical classroom and a blackboard is so 19th centuries ago. Wouldn’t it be great if classroom’s keep up with the times as well? Like a robot as a teacher or you teaching in your own home and students get to see the hologram version of you teaching like how the characters from Star Wars do video call.

While that technology is still very very very far far far away, there is actually a technology now that can make you a cool millennial teacher. The funny thing here is that most of this technology is actually being used today, why its funny? It’s because some industries are using it and in the corporate world these concepts that will be discussed today are already being used years ago, it’s just that no one has actually tailored it to a classroom set up until Vivi came along and changed everything.

What is Vivi: Vivi is this revolutionary way for a teacher to teach their lessons. It may not eliminate you from writing on a blackboard but it will help you carry your lesson with you. With Vivi, you can stage your lessons as presentations which can be used over and over again. No need to write in every class on every lesson and bore everyone. With Vivi you can create an amazing presentation for your class, and you don’t even need to stand up the whole time just to let people become engaged. It enables you to unify your classes.

What are its features: Vivi has a ton of features that will make teaching easier for teachers. Its features are the main highlights as to why there is an increasing number of schools that are trying out Vivi and completely transformed how they teach. Teachers have always been very creative throughout the years on how to do their jobs easy but they can never figure out how to make their classes better and engaging every time, this is because of the diversity of students. But that’s all about to change with Vivi. Below you can find Vivi’s selling points:

  • Wireless screen mirroring
  • Seamless video performance
  • Digital Signage
  • Touch Interactivity
  • Usage dashboard
  • School-wide management
  • Enterprise provisioning
  • Emergency Broadcasting

Why you should try it: There are plenty of reasons why you should download it, but what you should know is that its simply the future of teaching and you as an educator need to be a part of it.

  • Vivi is made for teachers by teachers
  • It makes you become an effective teacher in this day and age.
  • It makes you able to create, teach and control your lessons in various devices like your laptop, tablet and mobile device.
  • Its lesser of a headache

Teaching is a noble profession, this is because teachers can influence people and help shape people. There are only two types of teachers, and that is the bad and the good teacher and minds you that a bad teacher isn’t always the one that has a bad attitude, they can be the teacher that never got to control the kids and so on that prevented kids to learn. What most teacher doesn’t know is that there is an easier solution to be a good teacher and its called Vivi. Vivi fosters creating interactive learning spaces in its environment and if you want to try that out contact them now.