How to raise a happy child

As parents, we all want to raise children who are happy and successful. We use our best discretion to make the right choices for our children but sometimes things don’t go as we plan. How can we raise kids who are confident and go-getters? How can we direct them to make right choices in their lives? You can get some great tips on

1- Start with encouragement

Children see themselves through their parents. If we want our children to be confident and full of self-esteem, we need to show them that they are special. The way we behave towards them reflects them how they are. If we constantly scold and criticize them, they start believing that they are good for nothing. Instead, if we praise them and encourage them, they will believe in themselves.

2- Turn negative into positive

We never fail to stop our children or criticize them when they do something wrong, however, we often ignore it when they do something good. This is a big discourager for them. Usually, when children do something good, they do it thinking of the praise that may follow. If the praise doesn’t they would not want to do it again.

3- Find something to praise

Finding little things to praise your child for can boost his positive behavior immensely. So make it a point to find something in their work or behavior to praise them for

Happy Child

4- Discipline

Even though we want to be friendly with our kids, discipline is an important part of the bringing up process. Kids need to know that there are some things can do and they cant do. Setting up rules is important, and sticking by them is even more. This will help your child in developing skills related to self-control and consistency which are very important in life.

5- Spend time with them

In our age, where both parents are working, it is important to remove time for kids. Make sure to remove some time just for your kids, without any interference. Shut off your mobile and other devices and sit with your kids to play and talk. This time can be very important in your bonding with them. Later in life, when kids are all grown you will miss this time.

6- Role Model

Kids look up to their parents for their behavior and discipline. They act as they see you act. So if you want your children to behave well, be the person you want them to be. You will be surprised at how much change your character and behavior can have on your little ones. Don’t forget to read more about parenting on