Know More About Horticultural Research

Know More About Horticultural Research

Horticulture is the study and practice of developing, producing, selling, and using rising, carefully sprouted agricultural and attractive crops in a sustainable approach. Horticulture significantly leads to social well-being and the attractiveness, conservation, and regeneration of the climate and ecological situation. Trees, plants, and natural areas support and improve the human economy by supplying nutrient-dense meals, beautifying the villages and families, and lowering carbon emissions.

Horticulture is a type of agriculture that may be accomplished at any scale, from the home to the yard. Plus, gardening is a simple hobby to begin. Horticulture has grown in importance in the country of Thailand as a result of high outputs and consumer expectations. Horticultural Researched crops, on the other hand, have challenges in terms of maintaining high-quality harvests.

Why Horticulture Research

Today, Horticulturemade secured a vital position among all crops and farming. Horticulture researches are essential to finding the needs of the upcoming time to make the business more sustainable and beneficial. In this way, Horticulture can serve in the country’s progress. Horticultural researches are conducted to increase the productivity and quality of crops and yields.

Horticultural crops are to be studied each year by professionals of the Horticulture development authority.

Aims of Horticultural Research

  • Enhance and cultivate horticulture varieties are vital to Thailand’s prosperity.
  • To develop hybrids of the authorized and approved varieties to improve productivity, profits, infection tolerance, crop quality, and pricing.
  • To introduce each horticulture study to the farmer’s fields or area,
  • To provide genuine and continuing advantages to Thai producers for a long perspective.

Objectives of Conducting Horticulture Research 

The main object of conducting such researchers is to prepare new species and observe their productivity and usage in given conditions.

The primary goal of good garden operations is to provide high-quality farm inputs to create new gardens. Farmers will experience terrible financial damage due to the yield and production capacity of weak seed varieties, which will result in reduced harvest. For those working in the horticulture profession, the value of high-quality crop varieties as an upfront outlay is well understandable.


Use the best seed to harvest the best quality crops in your farms and gardens. The Horticultural Research is corroborative in the development of condition-based cropping and farming with better yields. Let the prosperity of Thailand in the field of agricultural researches be known at the world level by producing the best variants of crops.