Overcome distractive driving for safety

Overcome distractive driving for safety

In the past, last decade the destructive form of driving has been the main reason which is responsible for accidents in most of the world. Distracted driving usually involves nearly 25% of fatal collisions. It comes in the form of fatal crashes, aged groups, or even teens the distraction is being texted at the time of driving. SPIDER method of driving will come to the rescue to avoid such kind of distraction at the time of driving. This method will help to adopt the technique to be safe at the time of driving.

Common sort of driving distractions:

Mainly there are three types of distraction. It is in the form of manual distraction, visual distraction, and cognitive form of distraction. In the case of visual distractions, it mainly involves taking the eyes off the road. The case of manual distractions mainly involves removing the hands from the wheel steering and cognitive distractions are those which divert the attention of the driver from the task of driving the vehicle.

As the distraction form of driving has become dangerous for operating the vehicle has in turn impaired the driving schools as well as the organizations to consider it seriously and do the required process for a defensive form of driving techniques.

While this defensive form of driving will require anticipation the other drivers may commit an unexpected form error that may lead to an accident. By preparing for such kinds of mistakes this SPIDER method of driving will avoid being the victim of an accident.

Breakdown of the acronym of SPIDER:

Scanning is required for potential threats. Next is predicting the possibility of threats that may arise. Later is followed by the identification of visible threats followed by the decision that will be taken to avoid any kind of accident in the form o act or actions. Finally, it is the execution of the appropriate responses to deal with any kind of threat. All these aspects will be trained in the method of SPIDER driving.

A defensive form of driving is very much required for the drivers to have complete focus at the time of driving. This, in turn, will require a series of cognitive tasks to gain attention while driving. Vigilance will be entailed which keeps an eye on the other drivers along with pedestrians while driving on the road and at the time of waiting for the traffic signal lights to be green near an intersection.