Student care Services: Objective and Social Environment

Student care Services: Objective and Social Environment

A student care center is an establishment whose primary business is to watch over or care for school-age children or young people before, after, during school breaks, or both.

Every effort must be made to maximize learning in positive and inclusive ways because it is acknowledged that every child has a unique learning capacity as well as different developmental needs.

Regardless of a formal diagnosis, the student care services Center at the school is dedicated to offering child-centered help to all students experiencing challenges. The provision of counseling and learning support services is made collaboratively. The Center seeks to give students the skills and methods they need to effectively cope with and overcome challenges and accept and understand them. Parents play a crucial part in ensuring that their children make the best possible progress in their intellectual, social, and emotional development by talking to the Center’s staff about their unique requirements and receiving advice on supporting them at home.

Student Care Services’ Objectives

student care services

The team strives to ensure that children receive the proper developmental support, and they collaborate with teachers to plan encouraging classroom activities relevant to the students’ academic and personal requirements. As part of the Individualized Education Program, the school includes accommodations for alternate learning materials, special equipment, and technology, in addition to certified Para Educators, counselors, and clinical psychologists to deal with the kids (IEP). When required or requested, they also speak with the Heads and teachers regarding matters involving kids.

Social environment

  • Student-student

Your child will have the chance to interact with other kids in constructive and worthwhile ways. Your child can develop a healthy sense of self-worth and respect for others via teamwork exercises, play, and enrichment sessions.

  • Student-staff

Our staff tries their best to interact with your child in a friendly, respectful, and encouraging way. We must simultaneously enforce the Center’s rules and regulations to preserve the intended atmosphere of good behavior, safety, and order.

Services offered by the student care facility

In addition to evaluating special educational needs (SEN) through various psycho-educational examinations, the diverse services offered include working with students in groups to assist their holistic development and successful adjustment in school. The department members frequently hold internal professional development workshops to keep instructors updated on the most contemporary pedagogical teaching and learning techniques.