The Benefits of Attending University Open Days

The Benefits of Attending University Open Days

Open days, a scheduled period of time where you can visit a University you’re interested in, are a great way to help you to decide where you might like to study for your undergraduate degree. You’ll be able to get a good feel for all the Universities you visit with many students citing that the process helped them to make up their minds on which University to apply for.

There are several benefits to attending these open days which we’ll list here which in turn should provide you with the motivation you need to attend as many as possible.

View the Facilities on Offer

A University isn’t just a place of academic study. To benefit from the experience, it is a good idea to actively participates in as many extracurricular activities as possible. Most Universities will offer a number of on site facilities that cater for those interested in sports or other activities such as chess clubs.

You will also get a good idea about the halls of residence that you’ll likely find yourself living in for the first year. The type and quality of accommodation on offer will vary so this is your opportunity to make sure the University is a good fit for your needs.

Nail Down Your Course

If you had a University course in mind but needed a little more convincing that it was the right course for you, an open day provides a great opportunity to visit the faculty in question and speak to your potential lecturers.

They will be able to run through the curriculum on offer as well as show you around the facilities offered to assist you in study. You might even get the chance to dissect a few small animals if you’re intending on becoming a Vet or want to study Biology.

Speak to Existing Students

There are guaranteed to be current students on hand who love the University so much they’ve decided to volunteer their free time to convince other prospective students to join.

This is your opportunity to really grill them on what makes the University a good (or bad) one. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and we’re sure honest answers will be forthcoming.

Get a Feel for the Area

If you’ll be moving away from home for the first time, you will want to have a look around the area your University is located in. Most University towns will have a good number of amenities for young people so go and soak up the atmosphere.

Meet New People

Whilst you’re there, you might even meet some of the people you’ll be on the course with. A great opportunity to make some friends before the semester starts.

We hope you’re now convinced that these events of worth your time. University open days are free and will tell you everything you need to know about your intended place of study. You’ll get a real feel for the environment you’ll be spending the next 3 years of your life in so it’s important you make the right choice.

The last thing you want is to find yourself 18 months into your course, starting to have second thoughts about the University and its capability of providing you with the education you want.