UK Lockdown: What This Means For The Education System

UK Lockdown: What This Means For The Education System

This is such a changing world. Who knew that one single virus would change the whole way the world operates. COVID 19 has bought the world to a stand still. The UK is not different from it and when everything is affected how can the education system be left alone.

There is a complete lockdown in the United Kingdom and the latest education news is that all schooling has to be done from home. First of all no one thought that the whole world could come to this stand still. Everyone was of opinion that everything will be back to normal very soon. But now as it can be seen that it is not happening very soon. Physical distancing is the need of the hour. So the education system also has to keep itself up with the changing times and for the safety of its students.

The latest education news is that since children cannot be deprived of education so now technology will be brought into play and schools will operate online. This way home schooling will be possible and children will get to learn even while staying in the safety of their homes.

No one was expecting this and no one had an idea that this is how the year of 2020 would turn out to be. But like it is said that man improvises as the situations come up. At present the most important part of our lives is staying healthy and for that maintaining physical distance is the key. But we do not want our children to feel frustrated, lonely and lost in these trying times so as we progressed into this world of COVID 19 lockdown it was decided that students should be taught as much as possible through the use of internet and technology while they stay back in the safety of their homes.

This is one the most important steps and the latest education news in the history of UK. This has never happened before and no one every thought it would. But we have to learn and adapt as the need of the situation is.  At Least this way children will not only be safe but they will be able to make constructive use of their time and make the right use of their energies. This will keep them connected with their classmates as well they can keep on learning and making the best of the situation.