Why Is It Important To Get Tutor For IB Chemistry In HK

Why Is It Important To Get Tutor For IB Chemistry In HK

IB Chemistry is the core topic and explains how life functions at the molecular level. Some of the key chapters in IB chemistry are Stoichiometric Relationships, Atomic Structure, Equilibrium, Thermodynamics, acids and bases, Organic Chemistry, Redox Process, etc. This subject focuses on the structure, composition, molecular arrangement, chemical, and physical properties of the substance and is primarily practical in nature. You can check out some of the best IB chemistry tutors HK to thrive in the subject.

Why IB chemistry is an important subject

Whether you are coming from IBMYP or IGCSE, moving up to IBDP chemistry is a significant curricular change. It is therefore advisable to get ready in advance for an easier transition when switching to an IB chemistry subject. The majority of the HL parts are based on SL themes. It’s more like a continuation and in-depth study of the SL chapters that have already been learned. For university entrance, individuals are expected to take the IB HL Chemistry exam if they plan to apply to medically-related fields like medicine and pharmacy. IB Chemistry has a lot of topics, therefore both students and instructors need to devote a lot of time and energy to it.

How to excel in IB Chemistry

The IB chemistry subject is crucial for your future academic success; if the material is unclear, you may not be able to keep up in the ensuing classes. Additionally, the grade matters when discussing the class because it determines the institution you will attend for your next level of education. Since mastering chemistry is crucial, here are a few things you should have in mind as you study the subject:

Never fall behind your school. You now have enough time to study and review for the next IB chemistry exam. How will this go place? If you want to thrive in the topic, you must enroll in the IB chemistry tutor HK.

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You wouldn’t believe it, but only 10% of the class are top students. The remaining 90% are average students, so it’s the average students who are competing to rise above the rest and join the top 10%.

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By ensuring that students fully comprehend topics before teaching them how to apply the concepts in a variety of question formats, including word problems, they place a strong emphasis on establishing a solid foundation.


Getting a decent grade in IB Chemistry is crucial since it will determine whether you get into your dream university or not. Therefore, we urge you to enrol in an IB Chinese tutor HK.