Why is vocational education becoming more popular nowadays? Find out here

Over time, a lot of experts have already noticed the significant increase in vocational education and technical training around the world which was first very influential in third world countries that are now spreading across first-world countries such as Australia.

So why is this happening? Because college education continues to bury and drown students from educational loans and earning a degree has become impractical due to the cost and the expensive education in a university and the lack of the government’s action to this matter gave way to practicality which is vocational education.

Before, vocational education was stereotyped by many which for them were a low level for a person to get an education for himself. However, as the world progresses, so as vocational education because of its ability to land a graduate with a decent job right away compared to studying in a university that takes several years to complete without the certainty of getting a job right away, and on top of that the fortune it costs for a student to earn a degree.

If you want to pursue your tertiary level education, but cannot afford to enroll in a university, maybe this post will convince you to study in a vocational education course.

Vcational Education

1. Higher chances to get a job right away– Vocational education out there can provide you a job right away considering that majority of vocational schools are tied up or have an existing partnership with corporations for manpower resources once the students have graduated from taking up their courses compared to majority of university degrees that focus on theory-based knowledge that will surely take a lot of years to study, and also will not guarantee you the career or the position that you want.

2. Quicker completion of course than studying in a university– Degree courses takes up to three to four years to complete, while diploma courses’ longest period of study can only reach two years or even less while majority of diploma courses can be completed within a year because of its practical nature where you spend most of your time learning and finishing assignments that are mainly about your job and your profession that you will be using once you are already part of the workforce.

3. You are considered an important asset even while studying– Currently, there is a shortage of vocational education graduates in the workforce in many sectors or industries around the world. The skill shortage in many first-world countries already ensures that when you complete a diploma course under a vocational education program, you are very valuable to many employers who are looking for a skilled worker. In fact, there is solid proof that there is roughly eighty percent of vocational education training course graduates are employed right after they finished their courses and they were able to find jobs that exceed the number of jobs that are associated with bachelor’s degree graduates.

4. You are earning earlier than studying in a university– On average there are many people who possess different levels of certificates based on their vocational courses earns big more than an average bachelor’s degree graduate in their first year after they finished their vocational course study.