Advanced Learning for Our Future

Advanced Learning for Our Future

We all know that we are in advanced technology today. We are living in the modern world, wherein high technology things surround us. These things have been used today by people, companies, and businesses around the world. The creation and invention of our high technology have their own purposes in the lives of people today. It is said that we are already living in the digital world.

Today, there is an education that helps people to understand technology. It is a certification provided to people who took the course, and this is called the ICDL. The ICDL or International Computer Driving License is a certification to those who have taken the courses that it is prerequisite in having this certification. This provides digital competencies to those who wanted to be in the workforce of technology. The icdl Singapore is one of the leading organizations that is dedicated to providing it to those who want to take such courses. Some of their offers that we can choose from are:

Advanced Database

  • The students who will take this course will be able to understand the fundamental concepts of database development and usage.
  • The student will learn to design and use queries to create tables and refine it using essential keys that need to be learned.
  • The students will learn to create report controls and subreports.

Advanced Presentation

  • The students will learn to insert movies and sounds in the presentation. They will learn to apply the animation features that are in the application already.
  • The students will learn to create templates and use linking, embedding, importing, and exporting features to integrate data.
  • The students also learn to modify templates and format the background of each slide.

Advanced Spreadsheet

  • The students will learn how to use the spreadsheet properly by knowing the purpose of each tool in the spreadsheet.
  • The students will learn how to create charts that are very necessary today.
  • The students will learn how to use the logical and mathematical functions of the spreadsheet.

Advanced Word Processing

  • The students will learn how to use the tools in Word Processing properly.
  • The students will learn how to apply the texts, paragraphs, and tables in Word Processing.
  • The students will also learn how to use linking and embedding features, as well as footnotes and endnotes.


  • The students will understand the key concepts to create a program, and help them to use computational thinking techniques to analyze problems and create solutions.
  • The students will learn to test and debug such programs, and further resolve it.

These are just some of the offers that the icdl Singapore can help our students today. They can learn in advanced technology that we have so that they will become competitive when they go to the real world.