Improve yourself continuously with the idea of lifelong learning!

The concept of Lifelong Learning becomes very popular worldwide. At different conferences, there are more and more reports on this topic. Various programs and projects are being created to develop strategies and methods for implementation of lifelong learning.

The idea of lifelong learning

With the beginning of the new millennium, the world entered a new era – the Age of Knowledge. The role of knowledge and education of citizens, supported by all developed countries, indicates a revision of traditional, sometimes canonized ideas about the teaching of the individual. In order to make a successful transition to a knowledge-based society, the concept of “Life Long Learning” is called for.

Present day

Indeed, many branches are developing at a rapid rate. Information and multimedia technologies are in the first place. Constantly there are new mobile devices with completely new functions and capabilities, social networks become an integral part of the life of a large number of people and much more.

 It turns out that the knowledge gained a year ago, may not be relevant in a few years. Employees of many specialties are forced to update their knowledge regularly to do their job correctly and remain in demand on the labor market. So the ability to quickly find and master the necessary information is very important.

What is Lifelong Learning?

Lifelong learning is a concept, the essence of which can be expressed in one phrase: “It’s never too late to learn.” In fact, lifelong learning in the modern world is more than a concept. The philosophy of lifelong learning says that a person can and should be open to new ideas, decisions, skills or attitudes and rejects the statement that ” You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Lifelong learning involves giving each person the opportunity to realize their potential, at all ages, regardless of place and time and other circumstances: at work, at school, at the university, at the kindergarten, at home and even on the way from work home using all possible channels and ways and methods of teaching.

Forms of lifelong learning

Lifelong learning involves a variety of forms of learning, ranging from distance learning, online learning, traditional continuing education and correspondence courses, to training by the individual himself. A motivation for learning of each person can be different: A motivation for learning of each person can be different: someone wants to improve their qualifications, acquire new skills, and another one wants completely change their lives, for example, after retiring to devote themselves to a new business.

Some useful habits for Lifelong Learning

  • You should ask yourself ‘Why do I study this?’, ‘What will it give me?’. Motivate yourself, to gain new knowledge.
  • Any problem must be perceived as a challenge, as a task that must be solved.
  • It is necessary to use all sorts of new information technologies and courses for obtaining useful knowledge.
  • Teach other people, share experiences.
  • Try and discuss.
  • Make the process of getting new knowledge part of your life.