Transform your life and team writing in just a single Day.

Transform your life and team writing in just a single Day.

As the world grows many business, companies, students or even customers have adopted an effective easy way of communication. Thou many people have a challenge when it comes to good writing skills and is not up to scratch. Your team emails, reports, proposals, and business cases maybe poorly written and confusing since they lack effective writing skills thus customers receiving substandard written communication. Training on business writing is the key measure to curb these problems within a day course. The business writing training class will enable your business professional’stools they need to effectively and efficiently write. We have a package that enables a student to get started on the writing project, use appropriate business tone in the document and discern between different kinds of business corresponds.

What your team will get to learn when it comes to business writing workshop

  • The workshop enables them to write more clearly, simply and briefly.
  • They will be able to write for the audience and stay ‘reader-focused’.
  • Plan, draft, edit and proofread written work that attracts the customers.
  • Write persuasively for impact, influence, and action

Why web writing training is important.

Web writing is important for your organization to manage and maintain a quality of website content. Your company may be expected to write content for your company website thus they need to understand the distinctive behavior of web users. That’s why coaching is essential for them to be expertise.

So if you’re ready to remedy the variable standards of content on your organization’s website, this one-day course is the answer.

What your team will learn when it comes to web writing classes.

  • Your team will understand the online audience ‘mindset’
  • They will be taught on how to write for scanners.
  • They will be able to create web-friendly, customer-focused content.
  • It will enable them to create content that’s consistent and aligned with your brand.
  • Connect with audiences through humanity.

Writing for marketers

Writing serives

It’s able to make mistake when it comes to writing to marketing professionals. If your company’s sales and marketing materials are becoming tired and irrelevant, why not inspire your marketing team with new writing techniques that help them to be better marketing writers.

This workshop will give your marketing team practical tips for writing advertisements, brochures, emails and web content that gets results. They will learn how to:

  1. Make audiences sit up and take notice
  2. Articulate a true point of difference
  • Communicate with conviction
  1. Establish credibility
  2. Connect through emotional appeals
  3. Inspire action

We ensure an interactive workshop between us and your members. Your workshop will be:

  • The workshop will be highly interactive and practical based.
  • It will be tailored to your organization and your specific objectives that suit your needs.
  • The workshop will be held in your office on a date that’s convenient for you and your team.
  • It will be based on a fixed fee for up to 15 attendees.


Business writing, web and market writing for your team is essential to improve your business skills, hire us for effective coaching for your team.