General details about requirements elicitation course

Instead of just finding requirements from stakeholders, it is more important to gather important data about requirements. For this elicitation, there are very powerful techniques available. They seem simple but you need to apply them very systematically to bring out excellent results. It is good if you attend a professional requirements elicitation course, which will help you to become master at applying and performing elicitation methods accurately.

Gathering data systematically and effectively from stakeholders will finally help in project success. Understanding requirements is the fundamental step and this decides the rest of the work flow.

For example, let us take one of the elicitation techniques ‘Observation’. This is the fundamental action which is basic of all inventions and improvements. Looking at the things, observing, making connections and analyzing all these finally help you to understand the requirements very clearly. Requirements elicitation course will give you clear understanding of elicitation techniques.

Who can attend the course?

This course is useful for following audience.

  1. Business Analysts
  2. Project Managers
  3. Business System Analysts
  4. Project Team Members
  5. Process Engineers
  6. Product Owners
  7. Product Managers
  8. System Architects
  9. Students who wish to make career using elicitation techniques
  10. Any professional who perform elicitation activities

Length of the course is one day and easy to complete. You can take another 4 days business course which also includes all these topics. Both beginners and seniors will find the course extremely useful. Beginners can have a good start and experienced professionals can even sharpen their knowledge and skills further.

This course will provide you many opportunities to implement the techniques practically by givings you ample chances to practice these techniques. The course will cover almost all major techniques such as Interface analysis, Brainstorming, Observation, Documents Analysis, Focus Groups, Interviews, Data Mining, Surveys & Questionnaires, Benchmarking and Market Analysis and Mind Mapping. Major part of the course time will be dedicated to elaborate and explain these elicitation techniques. After this, more time will be given to impart knowledge on how to select the requirements elicitation technique that best suits your project needs. Selecting the right technique is key thing and it needs to be done with utmost care. The course will help you greatly in this regard.

Professionals and students who have attended the course found it very useful. They recommend this to others as a better training program. The course material is very good and comes handy whenever you want to brush up these techniques later. Ex-students found that the course is very organized. It takes you through all the techniques in a structured manner.

Business analysts find this course very useful in their job as they play major role in eliciting requirements in organizations. So joining this course will make you confident enough to use the elicitation techniques and help you in bringing marvelous results.