HR services outsourcing system

HR services outsourcing system

HR department is group of people who mange the complete life cycle of an employee like recruiting, hiring, on boarding, training and termination. They also look after regarding all the benefits of an employee. The Human resource department is basically asked to look after all the different functions which include the payroll, benefits, health administration etc. Let look into each function individually.

Payroll: It is process in which the company maintains the employee financial records. This includes the details of the salary, incentives, bonus, deduction and net pay. This is a must requirement of each employer to maintain the records as this is ordered by the law. The three basic payroll methods are outsourcing, excel based maintenance and using payroll software.

Employee benefit: It is the method in which all the indirect payment given to the employee is managed. Like health insurance, extra payout in the form of vouchers in case the employee has worked on a holiday or the vouchers given for the best performance. This also includes life insurance, retirement plans and disability insurance. All this are mentioned in the appointment letter to highlight how important an employee is for the company.

Health and safety: Human resource is also responsible to take care of the health, safety and security of each employee of an organization. To meet all these responsibilities they need to find out if there is anything that may cause harm to the employee and prepare a proper action plan so that it can be stopped from happing. The legal compliance is also managed by the HR services.

The entire above mentioned task can be outsourced to the specialized HR services teams. The BGC group being the international recruitment and hr outsourcing company in Singapore, It is the good option and also many companies have already approached the company for quality hr payroll outsourcing Singapore services.

Before the BGC start the work related to HR outsourcing they talk to the company to understand about their requirements and man power. The BGC outsourcing team has such good capability that they can very well mange all the functions related to the HR management. It will help you to grow in your business and also saves your money. The services provided by the BGC regarding manpower outsourcing are: It take care of the employee from on boarding to off boarding, Staff benefits, medical insurance, contact management, tracking of daily attendance, Timely giving the salaries to employees and leave management.

Once your HR services are out sourced to the BGC group you can be rest assured about all the monotonous administrative work and focus on your company growth and business strategies which will help you to run your company for long.