A Quick Guide for Parents: How to Pick the Ideal International School

Moving the family to another country is an exciting endeavor but it can be filled with too much apprehension especially when you think about your child’s education. Thankfully, almost all countries have international schools. Your apprehensions should be removed once you connect with International school consultancy Hong Kong.

If you decided to look for the school personally, you can consider this quick guide:

Step 1: Determine the application process

The first thing that you should focus on is the hong kong international school application. Learning how to apply is crucial because most of the international schools boast of a waiting list. There are even others that do not allow children to join in the middle of the academic year.

Before you get caught up with the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, you have to check the application procedure. With this, you should make a note of application deadlines as well as the documents needed. Your goal here is to ensure that all the paperwork is prepared in advance so your child can get a spot.

Step 2: Check the fees and costs

With anything, the determining factor is the cost. You must have a budget so you will not be surprised by the yearly fees or other additional fees. You have to accept that sending your child to an international school is expensive.

If you are lucky to have your employer cover some of the fees, you can have more flexibility when it comes to your school budgeting. If not, you should always consider the overall cost per year and consider it in your financial planning.

Step 3: Assess the curriculum

As soon as you learned about the application and the fees, the next thing you should focus on is the curriculum. When it comes to the curriculum, the usual choices include International Baccalaureate or American curricula. If you eye a smaller international school, they will only teach one.

If you choose a larger international school, your child has two or more choices. The best thing to do is to base your decision on the curriculum that your child was taught before the big move. Adapting to a new school is hard but if it is the same curriculum, it is easier to settle. Remember that consistency is the key.

Step 4: Evaluate the location

You should also evaluate the location of the school. The goal here is to reach the school conveniently. So, you have to ask yourself questions like how far is the school from home and the workplace or what is the commute like. Note that some schools offer bus transfers.

Step 5: Decide based on your child’s needs

Although the considerations above are important, the needs of your child should supersede it. You should ensure that your child is getting the best possible education comfortably.

Final words

It is normal to get overwhelmed – all expat parents are but you have to take a systematic approach so you can find the best school for your children. Whether you want to find a school on your own or you consider a consultancy agency, the needs of your children should come first not your own.