How to choose and buy high quality outdoor playground equipment

The outdoor play equipment consists of panel, bridge, slide, deck, ladder, handrail, platform, pole, slide tube, mountaineer and net rope, etc. The surface cannot have pointed objects that protrude, And each part has several models and several colors to choose from.

The combination slides are intelligently designed, the colors are bright and all the plastic components combine well, brings safety, joy for our children.

Outdoor games for young people

  • Many young people feel apathy for outdoor activities because they do not find anything that arouses their interest. However, there are many creative and original options that, in addition, can be hilarious. Here are some ideas for you to take the first step and invite your family and / or friends to discover new forms of entertainment:
  • Quality of plastics between nationals and foreigners are not very different, but the price is cheaper than foreign countries under the same quality. In terms of relevant parameters, such as chemical resistance, light weight and durability, the color does not fade for a long time and can withstand outdoor rain and sun for several years without damage, these are the important points when checking the quality plastic.

outdoor play equipment

  • All designs must be ergonomic. When children play on the slide, especially on a spiral slide make sure not to leave. Part of the combination slide where the child can play may not have protrusions, may prevent the child from being hurt and bleeding when playing.
  • As a designer patio you should consider the problem of water accumulation on the platform. Let’s put some holes that escape on the platform. At the same time, the leak holes should not be sharp. Otherwise, it is dangerous for children to get stuck when they are barefoot. It is better to make these leaks bulky, so they can let the children to skate playing.
  • The same thing, but outdoors: sure you have some board game that you love kept by the cupboards and drawers of your house.

Racing with some obstacle

    • If you have ever played at races, you will know that fun is guaranteed. If you add an obstacle to that, reaching the goal will be a challenge that will entertain and make big and small laugh. These are some variants of the game that you can take into account:
    • With the feet tied: the participants try to advance to the end point of the race with both feet tied with a rope or cord.
  • This option is played with couples and, as you may have seen, is one of the most fun and crazy to play with friends. One of the two participants must support with the palms of the hands on the floor and the other member of the couple has to lift him by the ankles. The most important thing of this game is that both coordinate correctly to advance without falling.