Important Considerations When Choosing A Preschool

By now you already know that the first five years of your children is called formative years. This formative period will show drastic development in terms of the child’s cognition and learning. During this period, the child is vulnerable to an external environment. This is the reason why parents should stimulate their children’s learning through Kid Academy.

The dilemma of parents is choosing the best preschool for their children. You will be drawn to countless conversations and it can be a bit overwhelming but you will be no closer to finding the right preschool for your children. Stop wasting time and decide based on the following considerations:

  • References: References directly speaks of a school’s reputation. There will be many preschools out there but a “word of mouth” can make a big difference at the end of the day. By reading or listening to references and good reviews, narrowing a school will be easier. The most important here is to check the recommendation and not just ignore it.
  • Curriculum: There will be many teaching philosophies like Waldorf and Montessori but the thing that matters most is the curriculum it offers. Ask for a copy of curriculum first and determine if the activities and daily structure are best for your children.
  • Location: As much as possible it will be convenient if the school is near your workplace or home. Do not look for far places because you need to plan the logistics of dropping off and picking up. This consideration alone can help you narrow your selection.
  • Staff-children ratio: When you visit a particular school, you should determine whether they have a good staff-children ratio or not. This is easy to determine. If you see that there are more children than adults, it is a red flag. The school should follow the guidelines stipulated by the state.
  • \Discipline policy: While you are at it, ask the school what kind of policy they have in terms of discipline. Whether it is positive reinforcement or time-out policy, the important thing is you approve of such discipline methods.
  • Cleanliness: Preschools are kind of messy because of the playroom and other things but you have to know if it is reasonably clean. For common areas like the kitchen or pantry and toilet, you have to check. This will give you an idea of the school’s hygiene discipline.
  • Food: If your child has special dietary requirements or particular allergies, be open about it and share to the school. Ask how they plan on dealing with that. If it satisfies you, you are one step closer to finding a good preschool.