The most high-profile offer

The most high-profile offer

The duty of every police officer is to protect and safeguard the people in their locality. Such is the case of the most known movie or TV celebrities, Politicians, and other renowned people. With fame, popularity, and status, it becomes difficult for them to move freely without having any safety. This led to the need and requirement of private bodyguards who will be responsible for the safety of those VIPs. They are not only guards but are mainly into the personal security of the businessmen or celebrities. Not many might know of the significance of this job. There are several processes involved and it takes rigorous courage to be selected. To be one of them, people have to go through the Executive protection training. These are provided by many firms but the most popular place is the Pacific West Academy. They are known significantly for their Security training protocols which they follow. Their main aim is to educate and bring out the full potential of the people so that they become the most prominent choice for the executive professionals also by instilling the social responsibilities which are absolutely necessary to be in the security field.

What the training possess?

Executive protection training is an extremely high-level training given to those people who will be then protecting the VIPs, Business Executives, Politicians, and other celebrities. To become one, each of them must go through this process which has various courses, programs, and also get the certificate for successfully completing. The instructors are extremely experienced and have the knowledge and qualification to make the students understand the needs and other aspects of the job. These courses are divided into fundamental and advanced training. The students are also given hands-on training and practical classroom instructions in a planned way.

For whom is the training?

This job requires personal interest and the urge to be confident to protect the VIP in any situation. Anyone who wants to be personal security in the field is welcomed. This includes Military veterans, Law Enforcement Personnel, and others as the skills and experience gained in this will be effective and will be moved to the Close Protection Operative. The following are the basic skills which are trained to the students to become personal security;

  • Observational threat assessment.
  • Firearms operation.
  • Hand-to-hand combat.
  • Taser training.
  • Situational awareness.

There is no specific time or season to apply for this job. The need and vacancy will always be there and people can apply throughout the year. They can enroll for free and for any further details the academy will contact the person and have a discussion. This is one of the most exciting, thrilling, adventurous career which can be chosen by those who are interested in all these aspects.