VIVI – Simple Education Designed For Teachers and Students

Education is very important. However, keeping the student’s attention during classes can be a challenge. But with the help of technology, we can now create smarter classrooms. VIVI is the easiest wireless mirroring solution that is created by educators to help educators. This promotes education that works all the time on any device. If you are ready to learn the simplest way to connect a classroom, then this article is for you.

What is VIVI?

Dr. Lior Rauchberger, an Australian tech entrepreneur developed a wireless presentation for their clients that are made available and compatible with all devices and platforms. However, this was not very successful since it is very expensive and has too many glitches. He then partnered with Simon Holland and Tomas Spacek and they all successfully created VIVI in early 2016, VIVI was officially launched to the public.

VIVI was created to make the classrooms smarter. Australia is very lucky to have had a first-hand experience with a wireless presenting platform to promote a more effective learning environment. This is the first all over the world. VIVI was specifically designed to help the teacher-student learning experience.

VIVI – Designed For Education

VIVI, an education technology for a modern classroom, is very helpful to every teacher and student. The screen mirroring and the digital technology helps in Creating Interactive Learning Spaces. Because of these, teachers can now move around the classroom, making sure that each of the students is involved in the lesson. Students would also be able to participate more often in the discussion by sharing their screen to point out their opinions and ideas.

What You Need To Know About The VIVI Solution

The VIVI solution is very simple and easy to install. This can transform the classroom into an interactive learning space for the teachers and the students. You can Start your research here and learn more about how the VIVI solution works.

  • The App. The VIVI app acts as the control tool that both teachers and students would be able to access. This can be downloaded to any device using any platforms.
  • The ADMIN Portal. This is the central system that will help administrators have access to configuring the schools using the VIVI environments.
  • The Receiver. This is the blue box that should be connected to the ethernet cord of the internet connection of the classroom.
  • The Screen. This is where the VIVI mirroring comes to life.

Why VIVI is the Perfect Solution

Every educator wants to makes sure that their students learn from them. But with the growing concern about the shortened attention span of these students because of different distractions, every educator needs to find a way to make the change. VIVI solution is proven to be effective. This is very popular all across Australia and is now slowly reaching out to other educators all over the world.