Joliet Junior College and University of Phoenix Work Together to Reduce Costs for Students

The cost of a solid education is undeniably a good investment. For professionals who want to give themselves every advantage in their careers, it’s practically a non-negotiable item. Yet the initial expenses for school can too often get in the way of people’s plans and end dreams before they even begin.

Thankfully, the cost of this investment is now more affordable thanks to an alliance between Joliet Junior College (JCC) and University of Phoenix. Students are now able to put years of credits from JCC toward certain degrees from the University.

3+1 Program

The two schools are implementing a 3+1 program, meaning students can take three years of classes at JCC and approximately one year of classes at University of Phoenix. If a student is earning their bachelor’s degree in business, health management, information technology or nursing, they can transfer up to 87 credits to University of Phoenix. After taking the last 33 credits at the University in as little as 14 months, they’ll earn their four-year degree.

In addition to saving educational costs with the reduced tuition at JCC, students benefit from University of Phoenix waiving the tuition and fees for their first class. The University is also offering an associate degree transfer tuition rate, which works out to $144 saved on every course. Students enrolled in this program are allowed to take one class at a time, with new classes starting every month. The University offers classes in five-week increments.

Two Schools, One Mission

University of Phoenix and Joliet Community College are different from one another in format but not in their mission for student success. The community college offers a versatile education experience. People may take a class for fun, to earn their associate’s degree or to use the college as a stepping stone to a four-year degree program.

University of Phoenix was created for the busy university student, one who had real-world responsibilities to deal with on top of getting their education. They offer a number of options to accommodate different schedules.

The two share a common mission in trying to open more pathways for their students. John Woods, University of Phoenix Provost, has said the staff is honored to be working with JCC. The degrees in this program are for high-demand fields, ones that require skilled and dedicated talent. JCC manager of adult pathways and university partnerships, Jeanette Konieczka, is also proud to offer its students a seamless way to make their educational dreams come true.

Both schools value the dedication and commitment of their students. This alliance gives the higher education institutions the chance to communicate the needs of people from all walks of life so they can continue to improve their programs, lead by example and innovate the education space for the modern learner.

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